About Band Name Vault

Starting a new band

When you're starting a new band, group or act, one of the first things you will need to do is choose a name.

Choosing the right name is critical. It's one of the first things people will know about you, and it helps people identify and find your gigs, recordings and songs for many years to come.

Making sure you have a name that represents your style and image is vital, equally as vital is making sure your name is unique and isn't, hasn't or will not be used by another similar group in the future.

At Bandnamevault.com our mission is to help you find and reserve a name for your band. Our bots crawl the web looking for data on existing bands, groups and artists and we have created the world's most comprehensive database of this information.

Claiming rights to a name

If you have a name for your band or group in mind, search to see if it is or has already been used. If it has not, you can claim that name in our database. For global registration of a name, we ask for a $15 contribution to our costs of running the database.

Once your Bandname is added to our database it becomes immutably linked to the blockchain blockchain. We use the latest blockchain datastructures to protect your Bandname, and ensure it’s always available and easy for anybody to verify in the future.

The important part about claiming a name is establishing two legal concepts known as Prior Usage and Goodwill - once you have made a registration in our blockchain you're well on your way to securing these concepts and ensuring you have a defensible position if anybody tries to use the name you have chosen in the future.

Once you register, your details will be circulated to our network of music industry contacts, these include Scouts, A&R people and Promoters. You will also be included in our community of new bands. Because of the number of bands that use our service, we are often able to secure fantastic discounts and group purchases on instruments, studio time, legal services, marketing promotions and merchandise. These exclusive offers are only available to our registered users.

Blockchain technology

We created Bandnamevault.com because we saw a need to improve on similar services available on the web.

Our system is unique for two reasons:

1) We use the latest Blockchain technology to create an immutable record of every Band, Act or Group name that registers with us.

The blockchain is updated every time someone registers a new name. Unlike other services on the web, our database is never out of date. You will never have to wait for your name to appear in a printed journal or other institution. As soon as you register your chosen name, it will be stored forever. Each record in our database is uniquely stored and cryptographically linked to the blockchain forever. This gives you a secure, third party verifiable record of the registration and usage of your name.

Blockchain is the technology at the heart of services such as Bitcoin. It's open source, distributed and totally robust.

2) Unlike other services on the web, we actively search other sources of data to find possible names to add to our database. Bandnamevault.com searches every major source of recorded music, songwriting and live events. This means we not only sort the names of people who have registered with our service, but millions and millions of other bands, groups and artists across all of music's history from all over the world.

Simply search to see the multiple sources of data we check each day.

Bandnamevault.com is operated by Bandnamevault Ltd, a limited company registered in the UK.

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